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George Strait, 'Love Is Everything'

In a career that has seen five of his albums win the CMA Album of the Year trophy, a new release from George Strait is always a cause for celebration.

But, in the case of "Love Is Everything," it truly is an album worth giving a listen to, and then, and then again. In fact, it definitely ranks as Strait's best album since 2008's "Troubadour."

What sets the new album apart? Strait and longtime producer Tony Brown have assembled incredible material – which granted, is a given with a Strait album. But, just like with the Troubadour release, the songs here touch a few nerves and hit a few more emotional spots than just merely the ups and downs of a male-female relationship. There's "I Believe," a song co-written by the singer, that puts his faith on display as never before, and the closing "When The Credits Roll," which might give the singer one more chance at a CMA Single of the Year trophy. The lyrics of the latter are quite thought-provoking, concerning what kind of impact one's life has on others. Read More

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