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Psy and Other Artists We Shouldn't Really Call One-Hit Wonders

Don't call Psy a one-hit marvel.

The international pop feeling is apparently a little miffed by the immediate dismissal he faced as the hoopla over "Gangnam Style" past away down previous this year. In an interview with radio position 92.3 NOW, he clarified that the "one-hit marvel" label is absolutely unjust, considering the achievement he's had in his native Korea for over a ten years.

"After ‘Gangnam Style,’ I hesitated to response the question ‘What’s next?’” he recalled. “Literally, right after that short period of hesitation they begun calling me one-hit marvel all over the world. I was like, ‘What do you signify one-hit wonder?’ I’ve currently been in this commerce in my country for 12 years.”

"When I do some jobs for 12 years and then you’re called one-hit marvel, that feels actually great,” he supplemented sarcastically.

At smallest Psy can take solace in the detail that he's not the only creative person wrongly labelled with the "one-hit" label. rather a couple of instrumentalists who've only scored one memorable strike in the joined States have had lengthy and lucrative careers in another place in the globe.                             

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